Mercerization of cotton material is carried out by using 56 Tw ( 24 % w/w ) caustic soda Solution which results in production of increased lustre, strength, dyeability, moisture regain and general reactivity, MERC-NC is a powerful wetting out agent used for addition to mercerizing liquors. The agent helps to penetrate the high viscosity caustic soda solution rapidly into the fibres by decreasing the surface tension of alkali considerably.


1. Main component: Sulfated fatty alcohol

2. Appearance: Clear yellow colored liquid

3. Ionic activity: Anionic

4. PH ( 1% aq soin ): 7-8.5

5. Stability : Stable over a wide range of caustic lye concentration. Looses its activity under acidic conditions & in hard water.

6. Solubility: Easily dispersible in caustic lye solution

7. Compatibility : Compatible with anionic & non-ionic surfactants.


1. MERC – NC is a non-foaming wetting agent.

2. Use of MERC-NC results in uniform mercerization of goods with improved & uniform lustre. The mercerized goods aquire improved dye-leveling properties & dye penetration.

3. Addition of MERC-NC to the mercerizing liquor results in more efficient washing of during the subsequent rinsing stage.

4. The diluted lye containing mercerizing agent can be used for kier boiling or for dyeing where the use of caustic soda is required such as for naphthol or vat dyeing.

5. MERC-NC is suitable as a wetting agent in the dyeing of mineral khaki on cotton goods during the development stage. The product is employed as an additive to the caustic soda liquor during development, to promote good results.


1. For gray cotton goods, 10 to 20 gms. Of MERC-NC per liter of mercerizing liquor ( caustic soda 56 Tw ) is recommended.

2. For scoured or bleached goods, 3 to 5 gms. Of MERC-NC per liter of mercerizing liquor ( caustic soda 56 Tw ) is recommended.

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