FINISH KVS is a new type of reactant resin with built-in catalyst; it is used for imparting crease resistant finish to cotton viscose and their blends with polyster.

COMPOSITION : Cyclic reactant with built-in catalyst
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE : Light yellow liquid
pH : 4-5
SOLUBILITY : Miscible with water
COMPATIBILITY : Compatible with polyethylene emulsion, Non-ionic softeners silicones , etc.
SHELF LIFE : Six months
CURING TEMPERATURE : 180 C for one minute
Finish KVS is highly recommended for producing improved quality of finish. Before resin treatment all trace of alkali reducing agent, etc., should be completely removed to effect complete polymerisation and cross linking of the resin with fabric. Finish KVS is compatible with all types of softening agents such as silicones, polyethelene emulsion, cationic and non-ionic softeners.

Note : The information given here is based on our present state of knowledge and is published without obligation on our part.

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