REACTIVE SOFTNER is a special type of reactive softener which gives smooth, soft feel as well as body to a certain extent to cotton and blended fabrics. It gives water-repellent feel when used with polyvinyl acetate emulsions and other resins. This product can replace costly softeners like silicone emulsions and octadecyl ethylene urea based softeners.


1. Main component : fatty acid amide and amine derivatives with surfactants.

2. Appearance : Creamish paste

3. Ionic activity : Non- ionic

4. pH (1% aq soln) : 7

5. Solubility : Easily dispersible in hot and cold water./p>

6. Compatibility : Compatible to hard water, all anionic, cat ionic and non-ionic finishing agents.


1. REACTIVE SOFTNER imparts full and smooth handle to all kind of fabrics.

2. REACTIVE SOFTNER provides excellent washing fastness properties. It reacts with cellulose in presence of catalyst and high temperature to impact supple handle and water repellency to the treated fabric.

3. Textile fabrics treated with REACTIVE SOFTNER show improved tear strength and abrasion resistance.

4. Being non-ionic in nature, this softener can be used with other non-ionic and cationic softeners and also with other finishing ingredients like acrylic emulsions, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, etc.

Note : The information given here is based on our present state of knowledge and is published without obligation on our part.

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