WINCOL MBX – 555 is a poly (vinyl acetate) based aqueous emulsion and imparts highly durable finish to the fabrics, which is very fast to domestic washing. Being highly plasticized, it gives body as well as soft handle to the fabrics. WINCOL MBX – 555 imparts heaviness and lustre with smooth finish to a vast variety of fabrics especially to polyster/cotton, polyster/viscose blends.


1. Main component : Poly (vinyl acetate)

2. Appearance : Milky white emulsion.

3. Ionic activity : Non- ionic

4. Total solids : 55 +,- 2 %

5. pH (1% aq soln) : 6 – 7

6. Viscosity : 5000-20000 CP

7. Residentail monomer : <0.5% by weight


8. Stability : stable to hard water, mild acids.

9. Storage stability : Over one year

10. Solubility : Easily emulsified in cold and hot water

11. Compitability : Compatible with non-ionic, cationic and anionic textile auxillaries


1. WINCOL MBX -555 gives extra body and softness to the finished fabrics.

2. WINCOL MBX -555 gives brilliancy and remarkable lusture to the dyed cloth.

3. WINCOL MBX -555 IS especially recommended for P/V,P/C suitings which required heaviness and fuller finish with soft handle.

4. WINCOL MBX -555 provides a permanent finish where the finish is not broken during handling.

5. WINCOL MBX -555 minimizes the use of different softeners used for imparting soft handle.

6. WINCOL MBX -555 does not give chalk mark or nail on dyed fabrics.

Notes:The information given here is based on our present state of knowledge and is published without obligation on our part.

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